Play Texas Hold’em – The Best Option for Beginners and Experienced Poker Players

Play Texas Hold’em – The Best Option for Beginners and Experienced Poker Players

Play Texas Hold’em – the Most Popular Version

After going through many gambling sites, you will come across a wide selection of variations of poker games – however, Texas Hold’em has a special place here. Thanks to its simple game rules and the wide selection of available combinations, this version of poker is among the most popular ones. You can quickly learn the basic strategy and play Texas Hold’em, even sitting at the table with strong opponents. It is used as the WSOP free poker option to give you the opportunity to prepare for the Main Event. In addition, the game is available in the form of free poker games on various sites so that you can learn poker rules and gain gaming skills without risking your money.

Texas Hold’em – Play for Free to Understand the Game Basics

Although almost every reputable poker website offers you to play Texas Hold’em, you should know the basics of the game before you sit at the virtual table. When the game begins, each player gets two closed cards into hands. Then the dealer puts five opened cards (flop), adds an additional card (turn) and one more card (river) in the end. You can bet before the flop, flop, turn and river. So, let’s look at how to play the game in more detail:

  • The small and big blinds (2 players sitting near the dealer – to the left side) make forced bets of a predefined amount until the cards are dealt.
  • After the 2 hole cards are dealt, the first betting round are starting. The first player sitting near the big blind (to the left side) chooses between the following – fold, call or raise. The following players act clockwise. They can call, fold, bet or raise.
  • When you play Texas Hold’em, the three community cards are flipped face up (flop) – after pre-flop. Next round for placing bets clockwise begins. Players choose between the following options – call, check, bet or fold.
  • The next round of betting starts after the turn flipped face up.
  • The river – the fifth card is turned face up. Next, the last round for placing bets starts.

When you play Texas Hold’em, one of the players acts as a dealer. The dealer ‘button’ is transmitted clockwise from player to player. Before the flop, the dealer acts first. In subsequent game rounds, the dealer acts last until the hand is played.

Play Hold’em (Texas Version) – Some Rules & Features

The deck in Texas Hold’em contains 52 cards – there are no jokers here. The poker hand starts with pre-flop. All rounds ends when each player put in all his chips, folded or match the amount put in by other players. Showdown comes after the betting round on the river.

Play Texas Hold’em with its various options for drawing a pot – it is interesting and potentially profitable. For example, if a player makes a bet and everyone else folds, he receives the entire pot without having to open the cards. A showdown occurs if two or more players remain in the game after the last betting round ends. You can make combinations using two hole cards, only one or without them at all. If the best hand is divided among several players, they will divide the pot equally.

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