Badugi poker: rules and combinations

Badugi poker

Badugi poker is rightly considered to be one of the most unusual types of card game. Native to Asia, it is noteworthy that even the combination of cards in this variant is different compared to other existing types.

Here the participant does not need to form a combination in poker flash, pair, or full house. Therefore, for the true connoisseurs and fans of poker is fundamentally important to learn and master the rules. Those who manage to understand them, this kind of poker will undoubtedly be very entertaining.

What are the rules of baduga?

Badugi rules are interesting and very interesting, you need to make an effort to master them. This species has a lot of similarities with 2 7 Triple Draw. And yet, there is a distinctive feature. In Badugi, participants are not given five, but only four cards face down.

The rules of this type of poker involves playing with blinds and the dealer.

The sequence of the game is as follows:

  • The dealer makes the deal.
  • Next occurs the first round of trade. It starts with the participant who sits on the left side of the player who has a big blind. The rules of baduga poker reads: the contest is conducted with a fixed limit. A low bet is used for the first two streets and a high bet for the remaining streets. The big blind is usually double the amount of the small blind.
  • Next comes the exchange round. During his wishing during his gambling table has a chance to change the cards received or stay with their own. It is noteworthy that the participant can change any number of cards (one or all – does not matter). This sequence of bidding and changing the wrong cards is repeated three times – that’s how the rules of baduga poker are arranged.

At the end of the final round those participants who didn’t discard their cards and stayed in the game show the formed combinations and compare the combinations between all those who still claim the pot and didn’t drop out of the game. In the course of comparing the variants, it becomes clear who will become the owner of the coveted amount presented in the form of the pot.

What is useful to know about combinations?

Combinations in Badugi should be studied thoroughly. They are ranked by the number of cards that form the final set of the participant. It’s worth understanding:

  • A 4-card combination is called Badugi – it’s the strongest possible set;
  • followed by a 3-card combination;
  • a 2-card set;
  • and finally, 1 card is the weakest combination.

There are known cases, which occur, perhaps, in all types of competition, when players show cards, and they are forced to observe identical combinations, presented by different participants, then the victory belongs to the one who has a card younger in seniority.

Thus, it becomes clear that the rules of baduga imply comparing sets from the highest card in the hierarchy to the lowest. This suggests that, for example, a player with a 9-8-3-2 combination is superior to a participant with a 10-5-4-2 combination. Another nuance that should not be overlooked is that the Ace in Badugi is treated as the lowest ranked card.

Badugi poker online

When it comes time to compare sets and choose a potential winner of the pot, from the uncovered 4 cards of each player, which reached the last round, the maximum sequence, where the minimum is a combination of suits and rank, is chosen.

But nothing could be better than a visual example, the only way to not only learn the rules of baduga poker, but also to understand them. That is what will form a good basis for a decent game, which gives a higher percentage of obtaining, ultimately, the victory.

So, for example, in a situation where a participant in the course of a tournament collected three jacks and a king, it will be correct to form a combination of two cards – J-K. In addition, by no means should one forget to look at suits in poker. Based on the rules of baduga, the highest combination, which can help to win and become the owner of the bank, is a full-suit combination of cards A234.

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