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As in any country in the world, on the green continent there is a certain group of gamblers who are clear fans of this popular card game, which is also used to call 21. From this name, every interested Australian can assume that the main task of the player here is to collect a combination, the sum of which was Would be 21 or be as close as possible to this number, at the same time, this value should not be allowed to increase by at least 1. In order for a person to feel confident at the game table against the dealer, he needs to know the rules of entertainment and his own Blackjack odds, which can be increased with help from the best position, frequent practice of counting each card during free competitions, and developing suitable winning strategies.

Participants of the game must be careful and know that Ace here can be 1 or 11, in accordance with a certain situation. All cards from 2 to 10 have their own values, and Jacks, Queens and Kings always bring 10 points. If a person manages to collect a combination of Ace and 10, then in addition to the guaranteed win, it will also bring the player a 50% bonus.

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Strategies to improve Blackjack odds

Every active Australian knows for sure that this entertainment has the highest payouts in any gambling establishment. Therefore, in order to increase their own odds of winning Blackjack, people hope to receive the best playing card and thus maximize their personal position against the dealer. A good helper for the players here is a certain strategy of the game and, based on the rules, the following methods can be used here:

  1. A very important point that can significantly increase Blackjack odds is the choice of the optimal position at the gaming table. That is, being behind the extreme box, a person gets additional time to assess the situation and make the right decision.
  2. In the mind of any Australian there must always be a basic strategy, based on which he can ask for an additional card, refuse it, or perform other tactical moves. Everything will depend on the dealer’s open card.
  3. If the hand is solid (no Ace), and the total of the points scored is less than 8, the player should always take an additional card. It is recommended to double up if the sum of the combination is from 9 to 11. When the user scored 12, and the croupier had up to 6 points, he should fold.
  4. People always need to choose the separation function if they have formed a pair. Always divide at 8-8 or A-A. At 10-10, 5-5, or 4-4, any separation should be avoided. And if the dealer has an Ace or 10, and the player has 9-9, he needs to fold.

It will also be useful for players to use betting systems such as Martingale, and apply various methods of card counting.

Best Blackjack casinos in Vegas

Currently, a large number of residents of the green continent prefer to visit the capital of gambling in order to get is Blackjack even odds in a battle against a real dealer. Here are the gambling establishments recommended by the experts:

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  • A great $ 10 game with simple rules to Aussies can be found at Treasure Island Casino;
  • In the very center of Las Vegas, the best Blackjack with a minimum bet of $ 5 or $ 10 will be offered to players by the gambling establishment El Cortez;
  • Another great place for this card game called Downtown Grand will always delight its visitors with a $ 5 entertainment and good chances of winning.

Also, visiting Australian residents will find it useful to visit casinos such as Caesars Properties, Sahara, The D and Golden Gate, M Resort and Silverton.

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