OLG Poker: Are You a Poker Fan? – Then, Open the OLG Website and Take Part in the Fairest Lottery!

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Canadians are one of the most gambling nations in the world. Gambling is completely legalized here, and a special place is given to lotteries. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is a public corporation that was established in 2000. OLG operates suburban lotteries, charity, local and commercial casinos, racetrack slots, and regulates one of Canada’s most beloved lotteries – OLG poker lottery.

OLG Poker: The Essence Of The Lotto & Combination Odds

It’s pretty simple, as, in fact, the OLG poker lotto is an imitation of well-known poker. The players themselves choose the method that is acceptable to them: an instant win draw or the usual lottery. As for the second option, the lottery numbers will be replaced with a 52-sheet deck of cards. They will have to pay $ 1 for a poker lotto. The set of five cards is a lotto. Each game consists of a 5-card hand drawn randomly from a standard 52-card deck. Tickets can be won instantly and/or during the night draw. Players win instantly when their cards contain a typical strong poker hand. During the night draw, five cards are drawn. Players win by guessing two or more drawn cards. Each game costs $ 2. The main rules:

OLG play poker online
  • Poker fans can participate through the app or Loto-Québec;
  • Players have three choices on each ticket. In this case, the same card can participate in only one of them;
  • After processing the transaction, the choice of participants is displayed on the screen, and they cannot change it;
  • Players must deposit money before they make their choice;
  • Activating the All-In function allows making bets in the OLG poker instantly;
  • All the participants can take advantage of the “Plus” option.

Of course, all players expect to get the Flush, and it’s quite possible! To increase their chances of winning, they need to use the “Plus” option, which costs $ 1. Thus, an expanded prize structure for better results is opened to the OLG poker players.

OLG poker

Poker Lotto Prizes & Draw Time

Every day from Monday to Sunday (inclusive) at approximately 10:30 am the OLG corporation holds a draw. At the same time, it reserves the right to make changes to the calendar and conditions of the OLG poker drawings, notifying the participants on the website. In OLG poker, the pay structure for the winning numbers is fixed:

  • If players match 5 numbers out of 5, they receive $ 100,000;
  • When 4 numbers out of 5 are dropped, the players become owners of $ 500;
  • $ 25 is awarded to those who guessed 3 numbers out of 5;
  • $ 5 will be awarded to those who match 2 numbers out of 5.

It is worth noting that the total amount of the prize for one OLG online poker drawing is limited to $ 1,000,000. If this limit is exceeded, the amount of the prize for one drawing and the number of games will be reduced. They will set a different limit in proportion to the amount that would have been won in the draw.

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