Poker hand calculator is a simple trick that will bring you a lot of money

Poker hand calculator

In every poker game you come across an unpredictable random. Have you ever had times when you thought “No, this opponent definitely doesn’t have pocket Queens”, raised and … the opponent had precisely pocket Queens! Don’t worry, everyone who played poker for a while had such situations. If you remember the exact number of cards in the deck and remember all the cards that the dealer laid out on the table, then using the calculations you can try to predict the opponent’s hand.

Sounds complicated, right? Especially when you play at several tables simultaneously. In addition to calculations, you also need to monitor the actions of opponents, think about the bet. And it all becomes much easier with a poker hand calculator. This is a tool that will calculate the opponent’s hand for you instantly. Of course, you can use it only in real money poker online and free online poker. Let’s take a look at the Texas Hold’em hands calculator.

Online poker hand calculator

Poker hand calculator is a legal program that you can use during online poker games. It is worth listing the main advantages of this tool:

  • Availability. There are both paid calculators and free ones. If you do not want to spend money, then you can use the free version.
  • Speed. The program will do all calculations in a few seconds.
  • Practicality. There are both offline applications that you can download to your PC and online calculators.

Online calculators are more popular than offline apps. Just open a new browser tab with the calculator and you’re done! The online calculator can calculate hands for: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz and Deuce To Seven. Of course, this application does not guarantee you a 100% victory and pot. But knowing your percentage, you can make the right decision and either raise the bet, or fold and save money.

List of the most popular hand calculators

Odds calculators differ from each other in the list of games, interface, and speed. Some free online calculators use intrusive ads, which can interfere with your game. Others – limit the number of free calculations, after which they offer the player to buy the application. We made a TOP3 ranking of the best calculators used by millions of people every day:

  1. CardsChat. Very fast online poker hand calculator with all the popular types of poker. Free access, round-the-clock support. You can download it on Android, iOS, or use the no download version with the browser. Can simultaneously calculate up to 10 hands. Large icons, intuitive interface.
  2. 888poker. Calculator by one of the largest poker casinos in the world. Instant results after choosing the number of players and setting up the table. The disadvantage of the calculator is the inconvenient interface. You need to select a card slot to open a window with all available cars. This slows down the data entry process.
  3. Card Player. A simple calculator of winning hands. There are several modes: statistics tracker, basic odds and matchup hands. The disadvantage is the outdated interface.

Each of these calculators can be used for free, online and without downloads. Now you have a significant advantage over other players at the poker table.

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