Poker rankings in 2020 – champions and the best players

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WSOP-online 2020 has presented many significant events. In particular, in the main tournament, where there was a struggle for the title of world champion, poker players collected a record prize pool for online – more than $ 27 million. Consequently, in November-December, they will be able to repeat it. The tournament starts in two hemispheres at different times. First, online, and the decisive stage has already taken place in front of the camera lenses with the results in poker rankings.

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Who are the poker rankings champions in 2020 in the World?

The uniqueness of the top ranked poker players 2020 is that this year’s WSOP gold bracelets will go to almost all continents – only the employees of scientific stations in Antarctica failed to win the most significant poker trophy in poker card rankings:

  1. The only player who managed to win 2 WSOP bracelets at once in 2020 was Canadian Alec Stasyak. Alec has already been called the new Chris Moneymaker. For now, he is already qualified for his first $ 10 victory. Huge ROI – 3 431 930%;
  2. Maine’s 5,802 players were fighting for $ 27,559,500. Bulgarian Stoyan Madanzhiev in the final hand with hand 67 got his fortune. He received $ 3,904,686 for winning the Main Event and a bracelet;
  3. Young Gao stopped one step short of a historic achievement. In fact, she could become the first girl to win the WSOP Main Event. However, the bitterness of her disappointment was brightened up with $ 2,748,605;
  4. First Canadian Kristen Bicknell became the strongest in the $ 2500 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed tournament with $ 215,938;
  5. Melika Razavi got the victory in the $ 1,050 No-Limit Hold’em – Beat the Pros tournament, which brought the insta blogger $ 239,180 and a gold bracelet according to the poker rankings.

Players from Asian countries, who got 10 bracelets in total, showed excellent results. As for poker players from the USA, they got 9 bracelets. Canadians got 5 bracelets, and Brazil got 4 bracelets. The Europeans have chalked up 24 trophies. As for representatives of South Africa and Australia they got 1 victory each.

Who can be in poker rankings

Players are currently competing in poker tournaments for big cash prizes and gifts. The names of the winners change every year, as the player in the last position can win tens of millions of dollars and instantly become the leader of the world’s most successful poker players.

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Who is the greatest poker player in history right now? While after a question like this each fan of the poker industry can offer their versions of the so-called favorites, the main answer to this question lies in statistics:

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  • Bryn Kenney, who managed to get $ 56,403,502 according to poker rankings;
  • Justin Bonomo with his $ 49,128,105 on the second place;
  • Daniel Negreanu, who got $ 42,053,305 and appeared in third place.
  • Eric Seidel with $ 37,748,126.
  • Dan Smith with $ 36,742,719.

Dissimilarity, excessive streak activity, the number of hits in ITM and final tables, charm, and charisma – all these factors fade into the background when it comes to money. After all, it is not possible to talk about real success when there is no corresponding performance in terms of earnings.

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