Poker Texas Hold’em guide: basic rules for players

Texas Hold’em guide

Poker Texas Hold’em Online rules and gameplay

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games that is played by millions of gamblers all over the world. It’s also used in many competitions, including Word Series of Poker, where it’s the main event. Poker Texas Hold’em may seem a bit complicated, but you’ll actually need about 15 minutes to learn .

Texas Hold’em guide

What is the difference between poker and Texas Hold’em

Poker Texas Hold’em is one of the variations of poker online games. The other types are Draw and Stud. Hold’em is a community game, where a certain number of cards is shared between all the players. There are several Texas Hold’em types:

  • Pot Limit;
  • No Limit;
  • Limit;
  • Spread Limit.

The main difference between each variation is the size of bets any player can make and their maximum amount in the game.

How to play Poker Texas Hold’em

The game is played by 2 – 10 gamblers. It always has a nominal dealer among the players, who is called “Button”. There are 2 forced bets that should be made: Small Blind and Big Blind. The first one is made by the gambler directly to the left from the Button. Big Blind is twice bigger than Small Blind. It’s made buy the player to the left from Small Blind. After that 2 hole (individual) cards are dealt to each participant.

The further games setting is the following:

  1. Pre-Folp betting round;
  2. Poker Texas Hold’em Flop;
  3. Turn;
  4. River;
  5. Showdown.

On the Pre-Flop stage all the players have to match Big Blind bet by calling. They can also fold or raise. After that the Flop starts and 3 community cards are dealt. Then one more betting round follows.

After that the Turn round starts. Gamblers get one more community card and make more bets. At last, the River begins. It’s the last betting round. The fifth community card is dealt and all the participants may bet again. Everything ends with Showdown. Players reveal their cards and the winner is determined.

In every betting round the gamblers have such options to choose from:

  • Call – meet the current highest wager;
  • Check – do nothing. You can check only if all the bets are equal;
  • Fold – leave the game and lose the round;
  • Raise – increase the bet.

The winner is the only player left in the game, in case all other ones folded, or the gambler with the best 5-card combination. The ranking is standard for all poker games. You can use any number of your own and community cards in order to get the best hand.

Poker Texas Hold’em is an exciting and fun game that allows you to win a lot of money, but you can also play poker online free without real bets. It’s a good way to practice and just have a good time.

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